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its fate! - new owner from nj

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some people know me as mikefate, some as fate2jz

been in the is300 scene for about 8 years now. part of the world wide lexotic concepts crew.

still driving my 04 is300 daily. still driving my 03 is300turbo. now i just picked up a silver over black 2008 isF. looking forward to modding in the future.

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Welcome and congrats on the F. Glad to have ya here. Once you get to your 10 post minimum req, thow some pics of your cars up for us.
Going with wheels first. Roof getting painted. Going with a new exhaust and joes intake for now. And possibly blitz throttle kit.

Then maybe tackle some minor details.

Oh. And planning on replacing truck with cf trunk fully painted to match the car.
Sick Fate, glad you got one. How you liking it so far? :0
Congrats fate!!!

Welcome to the F'n club.....

Joe Z ;)
its pretty awesome so far. its kind of cool when people ask and i have to explain that my "other" car is 300+ more hp. hahahaha.

but funny thing is, i enjoy driving this car soooo muchmore than the is300. even stock. the F just feels awesome. i should have bought one sooner. i kept telling myself id never give up on my is300T, but thats until i drove the F. im sold. from the second i heard the motor start and the exhaust howl. it feels so amazing.

now time to sell the is300T and start tuning the F. hahahaha
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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