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ISSForged Exhaust System for my F

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Hi, I thinking about install in my F True Quad ISSFoged Exhaust system, but I don't like delete actually tips like in stock. Is it possible to save this 4 exhaust tips on car and install ISSForged Exhaust?
And second question... Where can i get this exhaust? Any ideas? Please for help and thank You.
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Uhm they dont offer a version that saves the stock tips. and the stock tips are not true quad anyways. as for purchasing contact at there phone number listed on the website and speak with either janoy or tony.
ISS does offer a stealth system that preserves your stock tips, just ask them about it when you order the exhaust.
I know it not true quad exhaust but I just want to save this 4 chrome tips... It's nice
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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