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ISS Forged exhaust installed (pics and vids)

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installed the track system. sounds great and looks great imo. install was pretty straight forward. just a number of things you need to remove to get it done. two braces (one gets left off), some plastic cover retainers, o2 sensors, heat shield (gets left off). bolts supplied with the exhaust are too long so i had to use my own.

here are some pics (get a bigger monitor if you don't like it :p) and before and after vids. sound is not too good on the vids, sorry.

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bolts for yours were pre production, they have since been fixed.
OMG does it sound nice!

The thing is that stock video doesn't sound too stock to me... I guess its just where the camera is placed...

Is the ISS exhaust much noisier than the JOE Z?
Ha.ha.ha..Sex on a Exhaust!!:D BTW Doesn't the Track Exhaust give off more Hp on the Dyno than Street Exhaust?
It sounds good and does have more of a growl than the Joe Z. But to each its own.
how is the sound inside the car? does it have a lot of drone? can you still talk on the phone through the blue tooth? thanks im really wanting this setup.
There is drone when the car is under load around 1750 to 2000 RPM. I have no issues with talking on the phone with the blue tooth at anytime with the exhaust. Anytime it is out of that RPM range it sounds very smooth and very liveable for a DD, my opinion.
Sounds just like my car just a bit quieter. Thumbs up on the pic.
the cameras were too close to the exhausts. the iphone has the best sound because its not picking up the sound of the actual exhaust passing thru the air.
I have same question like friend before me, it's add any hp on dyno?
Can anybody tell me how much is the setup. I appreciate it. If you can drop me a email [email protected]. I live in New York area

why not ask them the question. here is their website.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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