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ISF Without Any Added Options?

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I'm curious to know if anyone has ordered an ISF without any options at all. Plain, simple base car?
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I have only seen one that was available for sale. Someone on this site found it on Ebay. It was considerably less than one that has the bells and whistles. I guess it is up to you to decide what you want in a car. I too have a hand held nav and also have nav on my cell (like most people these days) but the ML is worth the extra cost to most people. I don't speak for everyone here, but my view is "why by an 'upper end' luxury vehicle that is stripped down? Might as well by something cheaper and soop it up." Just my opinion, but hey, to each their own.

I'm sure you can find an 08 out there, I'm sure there weren't many made without the Nav. What's the reason for not wanting it? Is it the extra cost that you can't justify? Is it the weight?
Hope you didn't think I was trying to disrespect. The F is a great car no matter what options you get. I would suggest checking out the ML system though in person if you haven't already. It does so much more than just nav. It is completely integrated with your car to include voice activated commands to work most everything in the car. I don't use the nav that often, but it is nice to have. The touch screen is pretty cool and just adds to the luxury of the car. It is not needed, just desireable for most of us.

Either way you go, the F is a great car.
I gotcha now.

I have not heard of anyone ordering a base model before. Like I said before, I've only seen the one on Ebay. you have any experience with this?
Airvtec---Well there you go, Doug laid it out for you. Good luck with what you decide.

thanks Doug for the info.,
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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