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ISF Without Any Added Options?

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I'm curious to know if anyone has ordered an ISF without any options at all. Plain, simple base car?
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I already have a portable nav. Based on what I've read about the ML, it's not worth the money.
Read comments on CL about the ML system being negligible. Portable navs ARE fine for what they are, just like in-car navs. One wire running to the power out makes the car cheesy? If I see an ISF and look inside it, the last thing that will come to mind is 1 cheesy wire.

As for why buy a stripped down version? Why not? Isn't that why Lexus even offer the option of ordering the car you want? I just can't justify spending money on something I already have (nav). If I didn't have a nav already, then sure why not. It does come down to not being able to justify the cost. Now to answer you on buying a cheaper car and sooping it up. Come on now, there is not another car you can soop up to replace the ISF. I do mean everything about the ISF. The looks, the power, the quality, the exclusivity. I love this car man, just not some of the options.
F'n around, no disrespect bro :cool: It's all good. I'm just trying to touch up on your points.

I've seen a few used IS-Fs sell without navigation systems before. If pricing is a concern with you at all, I just wouldn't consider the IS-F. Brakes/Rotors are quoted 1+ and tires well over 1k+ at the dealership. $100 services along with the extra $ spent on additional car care (gotta keep those wheels clean or they will be destroyed with months)... Sure it's a lot cheaper than a BMW or Benz but this car is still going to cost you. If you don't want to cough up for a nav, etc, which is roughly $3000-4000 cost difference, I somehow can't see you being willing to cough up for the high maintenance.

This is what I've paid up for since I bought my IS-F

IS-F(after trade-in) $28860
Exhaust $1500
Intake $400
CarWashing $200
CarDetailing $500
Brakes+Rotor resurface $600
Oil Changes + Services $400
Additonal insurance $400
Additional Gas(vs other car) $300
Wheel refinish $390

Total $33,550

or additional $4690 for IS-F.

Now let's take in the fact that I paid $45,000 for it.
Its trade-in value is only $38,000.

Meaning that my IS-F purchase comes out to a $11,690 loss after a year. Personally, that's nothing to me, but it might be to you! The $11,690 was certainly worth the joy I get from this car, and I absolutely love the ML system + the navi.

But yeah, saw a Matador Red without ML/Nav going for 38k with 20k miles. 4k extra would get the loaded car.
I don't think you understand my mind set. Just because I refuse to cough up the money for options, which I don't think are worth it, doesn't mean I can't afford to purchase and up keep the car. Obviously not everyone feel the same on options. Funny how you jump into conclusion about what others can and can't afford from decision on car options :confused: Try lowering that nose of yours a little.

Bulls23337: I ordered the car already in the beginning of June. I was told it probably will be a 2011, and Lexus might not build a base car. This is the reason I wanted to know if anyone has ever ordered a base car. If not, then I don't mind adding on the necessary options to get the car. I did take into consideration of the MSRP, and luckily the dealer has agreed to $1500 over invoice.
You can't justify an audiophile quality sound system paired with a premium display with navigation, dvd playback, backup camera(worth every penny), along with many other luxuries.

...Yet you can justify the highest maintenance, more expensive model Lexus with unnecessary additional power.

I apologize for sounding high nosed, but it's not exactly the hastiest, mind blowingly illogical conclusion that you are a person that needs to justify costs, and I wanted to point out that the IS-F isn't an easily justifiable cost either, maybe you already thought of this, but that's ok... I never said you couldn't afford it... And even if that's what I did suggest, that doesn't necessarily imply that I am high nosed. :confused: Maybe I came to a poor conclusion? Hell, you are the one that comes to conclusions about the ML system based off the subjective responses of other IS owners... See, we all make mistakes. :eek:
I appreciate the warning, I do :). As I read your warning, I can't help but see the innuendoes of judging of a person's purchasing capabilities based on their choice of options for the car. I'm sure the options you have are worth every penny, to you. And I'm not knocking on the ML. After all, Mark Levinson has an established name.

I've done my research on the car, and I don't have a problem with the maintanence. It is part of the ownership. This isn't the first sports sedan I'll be owning. The ML just doesn't float my boat. But I can, however, justify spending the money on 19" Volk Racing GTF wheels plus new tires, Joe Z intake & exhaust, Sikky headers, Wald body kit, and Tein lowering springs, and all the labor it'll cost to have these items installed. That's money I can justify spending, because it is worth every penny, to me. :D

Thanks for all your feedbacks. In the end, I wanted to know if Lexus would build my order for a base car. If not, then I'll add what I have to add to get the car build.
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IMO if a base car was all that I wanted, I'd look at other cars where there is more value for the money (i.e. 11 Mustang GT). The technology that Toyota packs in their cars is one of the desirable traits to them but GL with whichever route to go with.
I don't know about you, but I think even a base ISF has a lot more to offer than a fully loaded Mustang GT. I'm buying the ISF not only for it's power.
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