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ISF Vegas Speedway

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I am the Lexus "F" champion at our dealership. I am going to Vegas Speedway next week, the 13th,14,and 15th and pound the ISF around the track. Are there any other Lexus F forum members who are also their dealerships "F" champions, and going to Vegas Speedway?
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I am also the "F" Champion at our dealership. I can't wait to spend some time on the track in this car. I am also excited to hear about the "F" Performance accessories that will be available for the IS250-350. See you in Vegas.

See you at the track. What state are you from? Better to be a racer for a moment than a spectator for life!
They started production Dec. 25th. The first ISF rolled off the line that day.
PIcked up mine on 1-31-08 ! They said the Western >

US received a total of 20 units to be split between the 63 Lexus dealers in that area. Seems like they'd have to cut the cars up in thirds to do that though??? That's why I picked mine up within hours of the call, didn't want them to cut it up!! :) They, the Western USA, will be gettting 20 a month for the next few months......
What's the story about the "F" champion thing?

Dean, where are you located?
Located In Los Angeles, CA.....
Each lexus dealership is going to have a "F" specialist, which they are calling the "F" champion. I am the "F" champion at our dealership, here in Grand Rapids, Mi at Harvey Lexus.
Thanks for the info.

Let's see some pics.

Any comments on the Alpine two tone seat treatment? I am on the fence and needs to decide soon.
Alpine Seats

Hey !! i just got back from the las vegas track testing the ISF. Go with the alpine seats. It looks good with the blue or the black.
Make it even tougher on me as it is huh :):)

Do you have pics of the alpine interior, i mean close pics ?

The more and more I think about it, it is going such a pain to maintain such a white interior and not sure it will age well at all.

Really thinking about going black with the dark blue stiching.
Going with Black will significantly shorten your wait time. The Alpine Interior appears to be a special order option.

I am already going "custom" since I asked no moonroof, so that would not be the issue here.

Think I spoke to you about the availbilty of them, thanks for the info. and help. For everyone else out there I work for a division within Toyota that investigates quality issues on all vehciles under the TMS umbrella. Haven't seen anything come across to us yet...but we have had a blue w/alpine white interior IS-F a couple of months for testing purposes. Warning that white interior looks great but it's hard to keep clean!!!.
My order sheet says Black interior now !

I have seen it in the White ISF they had at Newport Lexus and it looked stunning!.

Done deal, black interior it is.
Dye transfer from blue jeans may be an issue with the Alpine as well.:(
When is the F line going to be released?
Will be coming in the next few weeks.
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