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I used to own a 3000GT VR-4 and almost purchased a EVO several times. The old models were fun drives. However, I test drove the X and it just felt a little lacking in the overall power band. It wasn't much fun unless you were really pushing it. Top gear even demonstrates how horrifically slow the EVO is below the boost by racing it against some normal car like a civic and it loses horribly. Unless you plan on driving it balls to the wall it's not a very fast car. As others have said, the interior leaves much to be desired.

I too test drove the C63 and it sounded phenomenal. However, I wasn't a fan of the interior styling, which I never have been a fan of. The ride to me felt a little more stiff than that of the F. Reliability has never been Merc's strong point they over engineer things that cost you an arm and a leg and tend to break often.

I'll even throw in my drive in the M3 sedan. It too sounded great because of the aftermarket exhaust it had. However, the power band left much to be desired. It had this weird sort of lag to it. It really didn't put out good power until about 2700+ RPMS so it too was a kind of balls out drive. The ride was more comfortable than that of the F but not much more so on the road I took it around.

All in all, I don't think you can beat the IS F across the board. It might not be the fastest in a straight line or to 60. It might not handle or ride the best. It does do EVERYTHING a near level of perfection that is simply a joy to own. I've only had my IS F for about 2 weeks and I couldn't imagine a car better to own.
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