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Evo X + a few $k will have you an absolute beast. And you'll love it. But you will eventually tire of the cheap interior and other misc maintenance issues.

A stock ISF will give you SUCH a better daily driver, will be more reliable, and has better "everything minus the tranny and turbo" over the X. Yeah it's way more $ but even stock you're good-to-go.

I came from a few heavily modded Evo 8's and even with all of my friends having monster Evo X' drive in a stock ISF and I was sold. I took an 08 ISF w/ 50k miles over a brand new '12 X. 10k miles later not a single issue.

I don't have any experience with the C63 AMG but everything I know about them says they rock. But I know a few people who have other Benz's and complain regularly about having to take the car in for service.

I started to look into the CTS-V myself but after reading an excessive amount of forum posts about serious issues with the car I unchecked that on my list. IMO you really can't beat Toyota (Lexus) quality.
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