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C63, Evo X, ISF, S5 are the same cars I looked at before buying the ISF. I am not really a BMW fan so didn't bother with the M3. As others pointed out, the cheap interior of the Evo X didn't impresss me. For the amount of money you pay, the interior is sub par to a Honda Civic. I also followed the Mitsu owner sites and the tranny is the Achilles heel of this car. Some Evo X and Ralliart owners reported that they had to replace their trannies twice within 50K miles. It's got great handling but I looked at the routes I drive and figure that abouit 90% of the time I drive on straight roads so what's the point?
S5 is just overprized. It's got really nice interior but performance wise, it the same as an G37. Audi did a wonderful marketing job on showcasing it as a performance car which it is not.
I almost fell for a C63. The torque, the exhaust note is intoxicating. It feels fast and powerful and the love those deep bolstered seats. Only reservation I had was the reliablilty. Know a number of people with C classes and the fun wears out very soon when you have to make monthly unscheduled visits to the dealer. Although I think the C63 has been okay based on what the owners sites are saying. I will definitly stay away from the 2012 model with the new twin clutch trannies if you do decide on one.
The ISF has a good balance of price, power, handling, quality and reliability. The only thing missing is that it does not feel like the beast it should be. With the C63 you feel like you are walking a tiger tucking at the lease, ready to pounce at anyone nearby. With the ISF it's may be a bit too gentle.... and as a result not as much fun.
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