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I drove all 3 cars, plus I'm an Ex Subaru STi owner.

Let's start with the Evo X. I did not find it that comfortable compared to the Evo 8 or Evo 9. The interior is decent. I'm not huge on the body lines either.

Modification wise, you can get this car to 450 bhp without sweating too much, perhaps a little more. If you want more than that, than you're starting to look into a built block and bigger turbo, and re-doing the fuel system. Their manual gear boxes and clutches were not the most bullet proof thing in the world either.

How will be using your new car? Would it be a daily driver or a weekend/track car? The Evo is a lot of fun, but if you take me for example, I'm 32 and I wouldn't want to commute in an Evo. Not sure where you live either, but a fully built Evo will not be "street legal" in some States and will attract all sorts of attention.

C63 AMG:

Great engine, great brakes, great stereo....if you order it new and you want more power, they have the $6,000 performance package (481 bhp instead of 451 bhp and more torque, red brake calipers, 174 MPH top speed, carbon fiber spoiler...a few other things that I can't think of right now).

Handling wise, it can get scarey in this car, it does not seem to shine too well in that category. It also seem to eat tires quicker than the M3 (my best friend's car) and the ISF. (It's the heaviest of the bunch)

The seats are very grippy and are very performance orientated.

I think you should at the least test drive both of these cars, before making any sort of initial decision which one to eliminate. I would also spend some time on the Evo and AMG forums to see what people say.

I don't own my ISF yet, but from a research point of view, I think it would be easier to own out of warranty and more comfortable than a Street legal rally car. If you want the re-worked suspension, new gauge cluster, wait for a 2011.

Last but not least, in rainy conditions, the Evo will shine where the RWD cars would need to be more cautious. With the correct tires, that car can deal with rain, snow and mud.

It also depends on what tires you have and what kind of training you received, if any. I would look into a performance driving class that has some sort of skid control as part of it.
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