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ISF snow driving videos with snow tires

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recorded this today
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Nice, expected to see some 'cookies' in that parking lot though!

What video set up did you use? Looks great!

Interesting to see who gets the garage space!! ha ha
Dam*, looks like fun! I would have done some donuts in that parking lot at 1:10 :)
Hey Fig how was the handling of the car with the snow tires on? Was there any slippage? Also were you using the snow mode? Great video thanx for sharing.
wheres the rest of the people in the city??? did everyone take a day off so you can drive haha
I actually did "try" to break loose the traction in the parking lot but TRAC is good and keeping it to a minimum :) Handling is good, you get the typical situations where if its really icey, you need to take care. But honestly it is not bad to get going and get where you need to go. Stopping is great, but I have gotten onto shear ice where I need to actual modulate the brakes manually as ABS just does not understand ;) SNOW mode used the whole time, I figured you could get the idea without it :D

As far as garage space goes...the tools get it lol. That is big blue the CNC mill and the rest of the fabrication goodies inside. There was supposed to be a place for the wife...but I just never got around to it the F tires are sitting there...I have too many wheels and tires haha.

The roads were pretty empty today, kinda weird. I have another vid where I started in the deeper stuff and then got on the hwy, but a snow puff got on the camera after a short time haha.

This was shot with my gopro camera. I picked up a few more the sell in anyone is interested, comes with tons of mounts and a panavise suction mount.
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Got our first dose of snow for the winter today. Not bad, only 4+ inches. Most of it melted by late afternoon, the bad news is it's already 27degrees out. Here comes the ice....I'll let you know how the stocks run. Haven't had a chance to look into winters yet.
We had mainly ice and a bit of sleet today. My car did pretty well all things considered. There was a little bit of fishtailing on the ice, but the VDIM seemed to keep things pretty much under control. I installed 225/45-18 Blizzak LM-25s on my car which I'm sure helps a lot.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
"F" d outside

:mad: Why do you leave your "F" out side? I am sure all the stuff in your garage is not worth your "F"
:mad: Why do you leave your "F" out side? I am sure all the stuff in your garage is not worth your "F"
haha, not by choice. I have probably 150K worth of equipment in the the F stays outside :)
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