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isF Reliability & Durability?

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First of all, I would like to say hello since this is my first time posting and just to let you all know that I'm a great admirer of the lexus design and in engineering.
Now, my question is more focused on how well this car behaves and feels after a good chunk of miles on it. Say...35,000+ miles.
I recently came across an article on car and driver magazine I believe where they compare the Lexus isf and an BMW M3 after dring both for over 30000 miles and they came to a verdict that after a year of driving them in all sorts of conditions, the Lexus felt and drove just as good if not slightly better (I don't know how that is even possible) than the BMW. they compared how the drivetrain just felt tighter and the double clutch transmission on the BMW actually felt as if it were slipping more and that the car overall felt more "used" and "worn" than the Lexus.
I would like to know what some of your experiences have been owning and driving your isF daily and how the whole car has felt like after the high miles.
Does it feel the same? How does the interior hold up? Does the engine run rougher or the tranny feel as quick through the gears? Have their been in any notable suspension or steering issues? How do the brakes feel?
any issues reported on the earlier models? how do the electronics like the radio/nav hold up in the long run?
has anyone had any experience with the factory or extended warranty?
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I've owned my Lexus for about 3 weeks and bought it used and if I never looked at the odometer I would swear up and down it's a new car. It has just over 48K on the clock. The interior is well appointed and has good durability without feeling or looking cheap. The leather is soft and requires a good level of care and upkeep but in a car like this it's a pleasure more than a chore. My only complaint with the F, or any Lexus, is that the paint is very soft. A clear bra isn't a recommendation it's a requirement, if you don't want the front to be plastered with paint chips. All in all, there is no equal to this car in terms of overall score. The M3 might ride better and the C63 might be faster but reliability after 5 years? I wouldn't chance it.
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