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I have 47k+ miles on mine and the transmission and engine feels the same. I did a dyne run recently and to my surprise put down 370 WHP. Most new ISF's do 350-365 WHP.

Not a huge Fan of navigation as I find it useless 80% of the time. It usually has no street or number of the house in it. I did update it once a year ago. Good thing it works.

Brakes go 15k-20k miles on average and be prepared to pay to get them serviced.

So far so good, no problems.

Things I replaced: floor mats, shift knob, and a steering wheel. Since Lexus has softer leather it tends to wear faster than the one in the BMW. I enjoy looking at the new wheel ( I am kinda crazy like that).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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