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Damn I made a nice write up for you and my browser crashed lol...

I'll try to summarize it (I owned an IS-F for 20k miles and currently own an S5 with 1k miles driven, all snow)

S5 > wet, snow, ice by a huge margin. (forget about icy/snowy inclines in he IS-F on stock tires, not happening)
IS-F > acceleration, road feel, top speed, reliability
S5 > ride comfort(huge margin), sound quality(B&O > Mark Levinson), leather quality, all interior quality
IS-F > sun roof (S5 only had tilting glass roof)
S5 > wheels much easier to maintain (IS-F wheels cake brake dust in corners of spokes, must be cleaned often or will pit out)

IS-F had zero reliability issues, sporty brakes/rotors pricy (dealer wanted $1200 for front pads+rotors).

S5 has one known reliability issue which is carbon depositing thanks to FSI. Has to be cleaned every 20k miles or you will suffer 50hp loss. Audi dealerships try to charge you for it.

Gas mileage equally sucks on both, unless you like to cruise in normal mode at posted speed limit on the highway.

The S5 is more of a luxurious daily driver while the IS-F is just an absolute beast and has a rough unforgiving suspension.

I can't suggest one over the other because they are both AWESOME cars... Definitely give them a test drive and you'll see how different the two cars feel... They are entirely different.

However I can say that if you are a track enthusiast / performance enthusiast, I can without a doubt tell you the IS-F is the better car.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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