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ISF Muffler Delete VS Aftermarket Exhaust???

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I have been looking up videos/sounds of exhaust systems like Joe Z, Royal Muff, Borla, etc and ran across a video of a DIY muffler delete. I gotta admit, the muffler delete sounds pretty amazing...and it's next to free am i right?

What do yall think? Tips? Experiences?

Feel free to include and videos/pics you have!
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I'd go w/ muffler and secondary cat delete and save the money to buy headers! Here's why.

Less than $100
Sounds amazing (not sure about the rasp but it does sound exotic up top)
Added power (Dyno'd 362rwhp) Stock dyno's between 330-350
Lost weight (Approx. 38lbs)
Don't have to wait for shipping

Does drone around 2k rpm but this is the same in an aftermarket system (including joe z's to an extent)
Not as pretty if you looking underneath the car (can't tell either way standing or driving behind it)
To revert to stock you have to pay the $100 to re-weld the system back together compared to just bolting the stock system back on.

Either way you can't go wrong. Both ways will get the car to sound like a V8 should. Just depends what you wanna spend your money on.

Good luck!
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I couldn't tell you. I'm in Texas. My car passed inspection down here but we don't have emissions testing...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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