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ISF Exhaust from Royal Muffler

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Hello People,
I think this is the coolest exhaust system I`ve ever seen on the web.
This exhaust for the ISF it can be done only if you bring your beast
to their shops ( Royal Muffler )

I spoke to Jimmy from Royal MUffler and he told me by the phone that the only way to have it is if you bring your car personally, so if somebody is willing to bring your ISF
and get this amazing exhaust system, please let me know!!!...I will appreciate that!!! :)
and good luck!;)

You can check it out here, the sound is amazing:eek:

Thanks !

Sergio ISF
ISF StarFire Pearl
still stock :rolleyes:
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Any dyno/track numbers yet?
Sounds great. What bout us guys on east coast/ Royal got a traveling team???
Sounds pretty sweet, but you think it drones on the HWY?
Sounds pretty sweet, but you think it drones on the HWY?
The orginal version did HEAVILY...

See a used one for sale here, stating the changes that HAD to be made..

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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