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ISF Exhaust Comparison: ISS vs. Joe-Z vs. HKS

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Hi guys, new to the forum and finally ready to start modifying the F.

I've done some exhaust research and came out with 3 prominent contenders:

ISS Forged

I want to know which exhaust outweighs the other regarding sound, performance, reliability.

I'm looking for down to the pedal performance.

Emissions/Inspection is not a problem for me:cool:, regarding cat-less exhausts.

I've been looking at the Joe-Z, but have heard that it's "quiet".

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Well I'm not sure which exhaust to purchase either, I was looking at the SRT but I don't want magnaflow mufflers. I heard the youtube video of the PTS exhaust and while not overly deafening, I thought it still sounded nice. I just wonder what the exhaust will sound like with PPE or Sikky headers on the car as well.

If your looking for crazy sound and a tad bit more hp then the ISS QES is the right exhaust for you.
All these exhausts yield about the same hp, it all a mater of preference. JoeZ is a bit more louder than the ISS DES. Both ISS systems replace the oem tips
Both ISS systems replace the oem tips

BTW......ISS forged also come with a no tip option...if you want to run with stock ovals...It's actually $100 less as no specialty tips need to be welded in place

Well after much thought and deliberation, I have decided to go with the ISS QES system. I just like the look and sound of the exhaust, especially love those tips sticking out of the rear bumper!
Any updates? Impressions?
I was curious which exhaust had the best tone as not something with a lot of drone, something not too loud, and reliable. Anyone have sound clips besides current youtube clips?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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