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ISF ECM Picture request, reflashing ROM needs

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Anyone here pull their ECM yet for AEM piggyback or otherwise? If so PLEASE post a high res picture of your ECU cracked open! I'd love to get an idea of the chips used.

Beyond the down payment, I haven't even made my first monthly payment yet so I'm reluctant to start digging for my ECM and opening things up :(

My goal as you could assume, is to at some point crack the stock ECU for tuning. Many have tried, all failed and there is a high chance I won't make much progress.

I have a background in tuning coming from the Subaru world. I've got (one class remaining) a masters in computer science focusing on things such as compiler technologies and combined with my experience in reverse engineering binary data I might have a chance.

Hell, I even wrote my own software suite for ROM editing and ECU logging.
simpletuneDOTorg (I'd post the URL, but I don't have the post count to do so yet)

The reason I need an idea of what chips are involved with our ECUs has to do with what doors are opened for ROM flashing. JTAG is often available for chip flashing. Subarus use Renesas chips which include their own custom means for flashing as well in addition to flashing over ODB2.

Also, reading the ROM from the ECU for purposes of cracking the checksum algorithm is important as well.

I'm not full of hot air but a realist... perhaps I'll get lucky... or I'll open the doors for someone more experienced than I to take the reigns.

So, anyone have some pics?

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wow I just realized there are several members in NoVa. I just picked up my 2010 yesterday(literally just hit 190 miles woot!!). I would LOVE to see a nice flash option available for this car soooooo tgui if you need any help I'll do what I can. I've tuned quite a few other cars(used to own a shop) and I'm now a software engineer.

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