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ISF Borla vs Borla w/Sikky Headers Audio Comparison

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(I already posted this on CL...figured some here might be interested)

MercuryISF, caymandive & I got together in Towson, MD on Sunday. We took the opportunity to shoot a short video to show a sound comparison between an ISF with Borla catback exhaust and an ISF with Borla catback exhaust and Sikky headers. The noise inside each car is completely tolerable for daily driving with no drone. In my opinion the exhaust note with the Borla catback exhaust is how the ISF should sound from the factory. With the Sikky headers, the exhaust is just a little louder and raspier, and has a slight pulsing effect at idle. Sikky headers will definitely be my next upgrade.
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Nice. Thanks. Not too much revving to get a good feel though but there is a difference. The blue absolutely sounds better. Very cool.
Thanks for posting the comparison, I have Borla in mine & was planning on PPE or Sikky in the near future.
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