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ISF and Shelby GT500 suspension

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Hi, anyone drive Shelby GT500? I want to know something about hard suspension. In next year my dad want to buy Shelby GT500 Super Snake, in poland we don't have anyone and can't take test drive. My question is: Is hard level of suspension is similary like in ISF? Or it's big diffrence?

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I've never driven one, but from what I have read, the ride is actually somewhat compliant. The following is a section taken from

Still, this is the first GT500 that truly handles well. It turns in crisply and is satisfyingly neutral unless you take a 90-degree bend with the stability system turned off or the road is wet, in which case, the back end slides in a controllable manner that will impress your more juvenile friends. On dry roads, in third gear and beyond, the back end stays planted. Surprisingly, despite the antediluvian rear axle, it rides quite comfortably and isn’t upset by midcorner bumps.
Maybe not all of You know, but Poland in europe is famous from very bad roads and many holes in them. Few of all is perfect but mostly roads in my country is low level. Hard of suspension is important, because I don't know to change on softer or not. After 6200 miles ride in ISF is comfortable but when it is brand new ride is terrible, every small whole or someting like this all my inside organ (in body) felt it very well ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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