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IS250 swap to ISF question

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would i be able to put a whole ISF body, including engine, transmission, the works on to a IS250 chassis?
would everything fit?
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Probably, but a new ISF is probably cheaper.
Welcome to the forum.

I deleted your other thread since it was just a duplicate, it will be easiest to track reply's in one thread.

As for your question...I don't know for sure if the chassis is the same between the two cars, but I am with GrandPap on this one. It would be cheaper to just buy an F. Unless you have access to a chop shop with a lot of spare parts they are willing to share.

Thought I saw someone do the body swap, not sure if it was this site that I saw it though. was white with tan interior and brown wood accents and gold classic BBS style wheels. Confused the hell out of me why someone would invest the time and money. but hey, not my time or money
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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