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Is this a good price for 2011?

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I am about to purchase a white on black with nav and ml audio ( no parking asisst) plus the accessory package and all season mats

I can't seem to get the dealer to go lower than 60,993 + tax and license(which was difficult)

Everyone else I have contacted via email does not have a white on black. (dealer is saying it's the only 2011 white on black in norcal)

Is this a good deal? Any feed back would be appreciated

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I think that price is about right, being that the car is a 2011. It really depends on how much you want white I guess. I bought mine in 2008 for just under 60k, and it was because another white one was not to be found anywhere is WA. Of the three dealers I went to, one didn't have any F's, one had 1 silver left, and of course the last place had a Starfire Pearl. I bet I could of gotten a better deal if I waited a little and worked them for a bit, but once I saw this car in person I fell for it hard.

Good luck.
Sounds a little high to me. Check with Jimmy Daniels, the internet sales manager at Albuquerque Lexus:
Jimmy Daniels <[email protected]>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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