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Unfortunately, it certainly looks that way, according to <A HREF="">this story by Phil Floraday of Winding Road:</A>

Japan Report: Lexus Struggles With LF-A Development

Lexus was supposed to bring out the next version of its LF-A supercar at the Tokyo Motor Show just gone. Sadly, it didn’t happen, and the question is why?

Rumblings from inside Toyota suggest that some key engineers have actually been pulled off the program to deal with other tasks as Toyota’s global drive continues.

The idea of building both V-10 and V-8 gas-electric hybrid versions must also be causing a few sleepness nights. Lexus is also reportedly having trouble getting the LF-A to meet its target 350 km/h (218 mph).

A source also says that the business plan is predicated on building just 26 a month (312 a year), which suggests that the LF-A is meant to be very, very exclusive. But apparently there is still no firm production date, although the Japanese grapevine believes Lexus is now looking at 2009 when, purely coincidentally, the Acura Advanced Sports Car concept (aka the next NSX) finally, and belatedly, shows up.
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