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Is Lexus killing the production LF-A?

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With its gestation period growing even longer than that of some concept-to-production American cars such as the latest Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Camaro, rumors are circulating that Lexus is throwing in the towel and has decided it's not worth building a production version of the LF-A sports car. At least, that's the word from this story by Autoblog:

Rumormill: Lexus LF-A... Stillborn?
by Justin Gardiner

The writing has been on the wall for some time. Although the Lexus flagship graduated from "concept" to "prototype" when it campaigned in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, Toyota has refused to even hint at a production date for the V10 supercar. Then Toyota declined to plonk an LF-A silhouette on their Super GT racer, electing to continue with the doomed SC 430 jello mold.

Then news broke that production cars would cost a whopping $225,000, but the LF-A still wouldn't turn a profit. Needless to say, Toyota doesn't like things that are not profitable.

Finally, members of the testing and development crew who have been putting the car though its paces in Germany, as well as test drivers from rival Honda and Nissan crews, have told Autoblog that the LF-A is not destined for the showroom, and will remain only a development platform.

No reasons were given, but we can think of a couple. How many people are willing to part with nigh on a quarter of a million bucks for a Toyota/Lexus? Also, the world's most prolific car maker may not be willing to join the current Nürburgring pissing contest unless it is 100% sure that they can beat the Viper, ZR-1 and perhaps more importantly, the GT-R and upcoming NSX replacement.

Actually, one 'Ring test driver didn't mind going on the record with his opinion. Former Nissan racer, NSX development driver and Nürburgring legend Motoharu "Gan-san" Kurosawa reckons, "Toyota are good at making money, but they're no good at making sports cars."
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They will be built, but with less then 200 being made, most Dealer Princepal's will scoop them up, have them for a while and then re-sell them used....
I think so, as soon as the economy starts to turn and gas prices stabilize I think we will see it coming. Maybe that is just wishful thinking :)
I'd like to see them built. I don't know why but I would like to see a Lexus supercar :D
It would be unforgivable to not build this car! I don't understand why TMC is so fobic about low-volume nische vehicles when other car companies with nowhere near their financial strength can build such vehicles. I can't voice this opinion strongly enough:TMC desperately needs new management.Car ENTHUSIAST management.
Well,I personally dont think it'll be made.They say there having problems putting up good enough track #'s to coinside with other manufacturers' vehicles, and for over 200k, I dont think I'd buy a Lexus when there's so many others to choose from that are faster. jmo
Also I forgot to mention THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, it makes my "F" MORE EXCLUSIVE !!!! WHOO HOOOOO :D :eek: :) :cool:
Spoke to an employee at the local Lexus dealership today,and he said it almost certainly would enter production.
On a personal note,I think this obsession with Nürburgring lap times is more than a little ponitless.After all,no one's going to buy a car of this type based on lap times alone,if at all.It's the over all driving experience that matters.

More Aftermarkt for the IS-F

maybe We can get a V10 ISF

instead of a Supercharger(which are notorious for killing toyota engines thats why the Tundra discontinued the supercharger back in 02.)
I'm looking for a Borla Exaustfor my ISF ,need some info
The LF-A has been spotted testing at Nürburgring recently,so it seems to still be on.
It's been confirmed, the LF-A will be produced !!
It's been confirmed, the LF-A will be produced !!
By whom,when and where?
Lexus meeting in New York about two weeks ago by Lexus Corp...
Correct. Lexus HQ had their big dealer meeting in NY regarding the new upcoming and future models for Lexus. LF-A is definitely coming but in limited numbers. It will be an all out, one production run car. There will be about 200 that will be exclusively sent to the US for sale.
Nothing I don't think we all knew already. IS Coupe coming ou in the Spring, 2010 RX350 coming out in Janauary, and the RX400H in the late spring.

Dedicated Hybrid sedan will be using the Camry Hybrid Drivetrain. Goin gto be sized between the ES and IS.
LF-A new is exciting :) Any idea on displacement or other specs yet? :cool:
The October 2008 Special Issue Robb Report magazine has a short article on the LF-A. I cannot find the link on the website but when I do, I will post it.

It says pretty much says it will be introduced as a 2010 model and will be based off a 102.3-inch wheelbase with a front-mid-engine, rear-transaxle layout powered by a high revving 5-liter V10 with 500+ ponies.

Just thought you might be interested, I know I was pretty surprised to see it in the magazine, some decent pictures posted in it as well, including a triple exhaust :)
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