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is it just me or.....

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This is one of my only gripes with my new IS-F.....

for how much money the car cost, how much research and development went into it, and how detailed oriented they were why couldn't they do something with the engine bay.....

I mean, the plastic cover thing looks "ok" but I wish they would have left it a little more RAW, like if anyone has ever seen the Honda S2000 engine bay, with the bright red valve cover, or the Acura Integra Type R, with the RED valve cover... And these cars were like half the price, like something like the corvette engine bay??

I wish they would have cleaned up some of the wires, and hoses a bit, and left the valve covers exposed and intake manifold spruced up, with like 2 bright blue valve covers saying ISF on them or something?

Is there anything besides painting the stupid plastic thing, or getting a carbon fiber one I can do to make my engine bay look more "racey"????

if someone can post a pic of the S2000, or Integra R engine bay youll know what I mean( i dont know how to post pictures)
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As far as I know, the plastic engine covers serve a few minor purposes:
1) For looks - They clean up the look of the engine bay (sorta). Modern engines have so many more wires than older vehicles. It is hard to get that clean open engine bay like you find in some muscle cars. Instead of taking painstaking effort to make every wire look appealing, they cover it all with plastic now.
2) For cleanliness - They keep dust/dirt and water from getting near wires, connectors, sensors, cables, and/or moving parts.

I don't think taking the cover off would hurt anything, but IMO you would have to clean up the wiring and other parts to make it look good.

the two primary purposes from an engineering standpoint are heat and noise reduction. The esthetics of a clean engine bay is just a bonus
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