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is it just me or.....

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This is one of my only gripes with my new IS-F.....

for how much money the car cost, how much research and development went into it, and how detailed oriented they were why couldn't they do something with the engine bay.....

I mean, the plastic cover thing looks "ok" but I wish they would have left it a little more RAW, like if anyone has ever seen the Honda S2000 engine bay, with the bright red valve cover, or the Acura Integra Type R, with the RED valve cover... And these cars were like half the price, like something like the corvette engine bay??

I wish they would have cleaned up some of the wires, and hoses a bit, and left the valve covers exposed and intake manifold spruced up, with like 2 bright blue valve covers saying ISF on them or something?

Is there anything besides painting the stupid plastic thing, or getting a carbon fiber one I can do to make my engine bay look more "racey"????

if someone can post a pic of the S2000, or Integra R engine bay youll know what I mean( i dont know how to post pictures)
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I guess i'm on the other side of it. I like the clean look when I lift the hood. I bought the F so I don't look "racey" or "ricey". But to each their own. To add a little to the engine bay I got painted engine cover (white to match my car), billet oil cap with "F" logo on it, and a blue anodized JoeZ intake tube. Those little bit of colors has spruced it up a bit.

Only thing left for me in the engine bay would be to install a supercharger:D.
I dont think the s2000 engine bay looks ricey or not clean , i mean shoot, it reminds me of a ferrari engine, which i think looks awesome, granted thats a little different, but just thought if you take that s2000 pic up there, added another valve cover opposing that one, and a good lookin manifold it would look awesome, so when i pop the hood people go "damn", not " wow, a lot of plastic, cant even see anything" which has happened to me numerous times, when people want to see the engine in this beast.
some painted valve covers and maybe just a little clean up of the hoses and wires would do wonders in my book, forget the giant plastic snow-sled all together...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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