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IS-F Wheel best fittment???

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I'm looking into changing the rims for my F... just wondering whats the best fittment for it? front and rear??
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Changing to the wider tires, will it give more grip in the turns? since the side walls may not be aligned properly to the rims? Will it make the car more slushy? I am sure the straight line drag will improve since we will get more traction.
What is the experience of people who have gone wider on stock wheels.
Also it would be nice to have the posts with pictures and experiences moved to the top of the post, put in a separate thread.

Anyone in the Bay Area with those changes, I would like to see in person!
Hi Lou,
I was just wondering. I was not stating a fact. I wanted your opinion only. I guess in our threads, the detail gets lost. Your opinions and experiences should be just moved to the top, or as a matter of fact the opinions of people who have changed to wider tires and are seeing better handling should write up and put more pictures. I am almost due for new tires and am pushing the car to its limits on the stock wheels and tires in the mountains so improved handling would make the ride more enjoying.
1 - 2 of 81 Posts
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