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Any vendors/retailers out there want to give me a price quote on a set of:

19 x 8
19 x 9

BBS RS-GT wheels (or any other comparable BBS ones) for the IS-F. Pls feel free to PM me.

I'd like to use them for a winter set-up.

Thanks. :)

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These would be the ONLY BBS wheels I would put on my F....

BBS RE-Mg ACQ = Forged Magnesium wheels

18lbs Front 19x8.5 & 19lbs Rear 19x9.5

Joe Z :cool:
Those look good on USB. Very lightweight and…. made in Japan only?

Very nice…..or pretty much all of the wheels of the BBS line are……….except you’re gonna have to pay for it. :rolleyes:

But I think there are only certain designs that have a bolt pattern that’s compatible with the IS-F.

If you take stock wheels:

5 x 114.3
19x8, 45 mm ET
19x9, 55 mm ET

Likely I’ll be fitting winter tires sized :

Then the RS-GT is one the few fit that requirement.

The rear wheels need not really be 19 x 9. I can probably fit 19 x 8.5. Winter tires don’t need to be wide at all.

With the RS-GT I can get sizes:

19 x 8, 114.3, 45 ET
19 x 8.5, 114.3, 43 ET (outer wheel extends 6mm more)

Good fit?

Or I can just go with cheapo wheels that costs 1/3 the price. :p
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