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IS F vs M Roadster

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So as I was entering the highway yesterday, I looked left as I merged and I saw an M Roadster. I caught up to it and downshifted to see if he wanted to go....he looked at the F and took off (thinking he had a shot).

I punched it and was behind him for a couple of seconds as I caught up (he never pulled away except for the initial take off), then swung around and passed it up to about 130mph before he finally exited. I think he was a little pissed off that I beat him. It just so happens that the exit is the same one the Lexus dealership is on.

I wonder if he stopped by to trade in for an F....
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Nice run! Those M roadsters can be pretty quick depending on what is done to them aftermarket wise. How much length were you able to pull on him? :D
I started about 1 1/2 lengths behind him because I had a car in front of me and had to wait to get behind him before I could punch it - started at around 55-60mph. I got about 2 lengths in front of him, at about 130mph before it was clear he gave up, and slowly made his way to the right to eventually exit.
Sweet my tint guy has one but his smokes me he has like $ 20,000 in to it but nice run
I own both IS-F and 2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster and F will pull M almost every time from just about any speed. Also have aftermarket SuperSprint exhaust mod on the BMW. Both cars are also a blast on the track just totally different. Been thinking about selling the BMW since I got the F but still love it to much!!! Now that's it's been discontinued (only 2-1/2 yr. run) and no new M Roadster planned will probably hang on to it.
Yes, I think you should hang on to it. It is a nice car after all. But I tried an M3, stock though, I was not impressed. One, you have to squeeze it up there all the time if you want that smile on your face. With the F, that smile is forever there, especially above 3600 revs.
and that's why I bought the IS-F over the new V8 M3. I have to say though it's fun running the Z4 M out to it's 8K RPM redline and that extra surge of power at 4K RPM puts a :) on my face everytime. Before I bought the BMW I owned a Honda S2000 which was also a screamer to 9K RPM!!! Best manual gearbox in the business IMO.
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