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So I romped on a Subi a few weeks ago, this time I ran against a Evo 9 MR on the highway... I was on my way home from the airport in Miami, my girlfriend picked me and my two business partners up in my IS-F. About 20 minutes from my home this guy in an Evo pulls up next to me and starts to play with his throttle... At the time I thought it was a regular Lancer with a carbon fiber hood since it didn't have the Evo wing on it so I punched it and the guy launched as well... I though the guy bit the dust, then low and behold I see a car going in and out of traffic behind me and it was the same guy, by that point i noticed it was an Evo so I decided to get serious... We were cutting in and out of traffic until we hit speeds of 140, I was slightly behind the Evo since he was still in front of me at the start of the race, then I pulled on him got ahead and had to jump on to his lane at the last second since there was a car in front of me at that speed... I ended up taking him by a few car lengths since he ended up not keeping up with me after that point. The guy finally caught up next to me and said nice race then he saw all the people in my car and had almost like a shocked look on his face. :D All and all it was a great race... It seemed like the guy had a heck of a lot of mods done to his car... I definitely heard an intake, large aftermarket exhaust, the carbon fiber hood, and he more than likely chip his car but it still wasn't enough to take the F on the highway! Unfortunately for this race nobody recorded it maybe next time I'll have another video posted for you guys!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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