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IS-F vs C63

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For those of us (count me as one) who agonized over choosing a IS-F over a C63 AMG with its throaty exhaust and push you in the seat torque, here is absolution. Looks like this happened a while back and MB is doing all they can to downplay it but there is a class action lawsuit against MB for faulty AMG V8 engines. Many owners of C63, E63 and SL63 experienced engine failure due to premature camshaft wear, and coolant leaking into the cylinders. MB owner forums said that some owners had up to 4 engine rebuilds but the same problems came back, and this is still seen in 2011 models which means MB knows the problems but has not done anything to remedy it. Very typical MB attitude.

A drama free motoring experience is what most Lexus owners value and looks like it remains a good reason to choose the IS-F!
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I had not seen or heard this before now, but I can't say I'm surprised. MB is not, at least among those I know, thought of as being a maker of reliable automobiles.
Value of Dependability

I have owned a 2009 Sl63 and a 2010 Dodge Viper. Let me tell you that the glitz and power soon fade away, but a good dependable car will never decay. I now own a 2013 ISF.
Drove both cars, haven't bought my ISF yet.

It may be a fun car, but I agree with riverfallsdr, nothing beats equipment that does not fail.
My buddy just bought an ISF and he loves it. He actually bought it in California and needed it brought here in Texas. Being that it is a fairly high value car, he didnt want to take any chances so he used and enclosed car transport to get it here. The company he used also moved some freight for him and gave him an all inclusive price. He was very happy!
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