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I have an obsidian black car and I had a nasty door rash courtesy of some idiot at Starbucks a few months ago. An area, the size of a penny on one of the rear passenger door was nicely scraped to white.

On my last service trip to Newport Lexus, I asked to buy touch up paint and the tech put it in my car for me and the cost for the Lexus touch up paint was $11.64.

And then on my next detailing visit, my detailer applied the touch up paint and the result was it looked like......touch up paint on a black car. The white was all gone so it no longer attracts the attention of my eye every time I walk by my car, but if get up close you can obviously see it's touch up paint. But this is to be expected of any touch up paint I think.

What were you expecting? :)
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