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I had a chance to stop by the "Coffee & Cars" GTG this past Saturday morning held in the Ford/Mazda parking lot in Irvine,Ca. There were tons of great cars there including all manor of Ferrari's, Porsche's, Ford GT's, Audi R8's and other fine Marq's.....

But of special interest was the new BMW M3 on display. Liked the new 2 Dr body style and the M3 certainly looked nice, a bit cramped but nice. It had white exterior with black interior. It was great to see it up close, especially the price tag!!! To the left of the factory sticker was the Dealer mark-up sticker with the usual ad-ons plus one. The car stickered out at around $70K with nav, etc, equipped about the same as our IS f's with one exception. The one exception was the "Market Price Adjustment" of $25,000.00 added to the price tag. YES, I did say $25,000.00 added in.... Whether they hold to that or not, it's a big ASKING price over list. So the there, buy it now price, was about $96,000.00 :)

One of the new Nissan/Datsun R's pulled in very late. It was a right hand drive version. No price tag on it... There was also one other IS F there. It was a white one that one of the regular Ford GT guys had picked up last week. It had less then 100 miles on it. The white IS F looked great and got a lot of attention parked next to the Ford GT's....... I parked my black IS F next to a Audi R8 :) ..........

But having a chance to see the new BMW M3, Nissan, Audi A5, and the IS F all pretty much side by side, well at least in the same parking area, was priceless.... It confirmed to me what I really already knew. And that was that for me, I had made the right decission going with the Lexus IS F.....

To celebrate I took an early Sunday morning crusie up the coast to Santa Barbara for brunch and enjoyed every minute of the drive time up at back. Oh, and now that I am over the 1000 mile break in period, I got to play with the manual mode and to play with the car a bit more. Loved it, loved it, loved it......
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