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IS-F repair manuals (2urgse supra swap)

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Hi all,
have tried a few forums with no luck. We are doing a 2urgse swap into a supra, and will be running the AA80E (via prog. trans controller).

We would like to retain the DI system, but need to research how the Stock ECM works with the DI EDU's. This information will help us to see how feasable this can be with Standalone ECU. We are also looking at the Control of the VVTIE EDU's.

Im finding it hard to find any info i.e. The Repair manuals covering Wiring and the SFI system etc etc

I was shown pages of this on another forum but the poster never followed up with my request and I dont want to be pestering him.

Anyone else have access to this?

Ps the swap can be seen here but it will take a long time lol

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