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IS-F question...

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I have had my ISF for over a year now and love it... I have never really tried to burn out in it and have never even played with the traction control button....always left it on...

I am about to get rid of my old tires and put a new set on...but before I do I would like to try a burn out... what’s the best way (least damaging way) to do it?

I googled it and found a guy say: "take off TC by holding down the button...hold the brake pedal down and floor the car..." that seems damaging to the brakes... would the pads get eaten up if the are pressed against the rotors in the rear?


Thanks in advance...
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Look at this thread:

And you pads and rotors will be just fine.

I like this guy, his first post is how to do a burnout. Good deal!

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Turn on Sport Mode and turn off Traction Control (hold the button in for about 5 seconds). Put the car shifter in gear and in manual mode (pull it towards your side). You should see 1st Gear on the dash. Now hold the brake and start applying throttle. The car will rise in the rear. Now comes the fun part gently feather the brakes to get the rear to start spinning while you apply more throttle and when spinning mash the throttle while just barely holding the brakes. The trick is to keep the car stationary with as LITTLE braking as possible. Be careful at this point as second gear will come pretty fast so you will need to shift while doing that burnout. Now please, for goodness sakes, have a lot of area to do this in and be ready to counter steer the car when you release the brakes as you will still be spinning and the car will take off like a rocket and can go anywhere if you are not prepared. When you are ready just let off the throttle and do it again :)
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how do you disable the hose that restricts the secondary intake valve to open at low rpm
how do you disable the hose that restricts the secondary intake valve to open at low rpm
you can either unplug the hose and put a cap on it to stop junk from getting inside. Or you can just unplug the connector above it and wrap it in electrical tape.
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