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is-f insurance price?

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how much are you guys paying for insurance? mines about $1600 a year. full coverage,$500 deduct., with about 14 year diving experience. no accidents or speeding tickets.

is this a low bill?
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^ HA I was paying that much for 95 chevy blazer a few years back.... :rolleyes:

Thats what near $135 a month right? It wouldnt hurt to shop around and see what other places can give you. I'm sure if you went to an insurance agent he can find you cheaper just by going to other insurance companies and saying, "Here is what I pay now, can you beat this price."
1400 a year for a 250/500 policy with the same coverage for uninsured/under insured, glass, rental and listed as my daily driver on a 24 year old unmarried male with no accidents or tickets on my record.
This is not a really good way to guage insurance costs on an ISF because there are too many factors that will vary. These are a few variables that can give you a wide variance:

1) Age
2) Driving record
3) Number of vehicles registered on one policy
4) amount of coverages selected/policy limits
5) State requirements or mandates
6) Insurance company pricing
7) Age of drivers listed
8) Miles driven per month/year.

and etc.

Just because you pay $1500/year in one state with full coverage doesn't mean you will pay similar or the exact same in another state with the same carrier.
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when I traded up to the F from an 06 250 insurance went up $30 a month which i was expecting it to be a lot more than that.

The lexus extended warranty for a 250/350/F is the same price. The warranty company has not caught on that the F is a lot more expensive to repair?
I pay 365$ for 6 months of coverage. 250/500 deductible and no tickets/ accidents the last 3 years. The F is a 2nd car and my insurance gives a discount because I am in the 30/60 club, over 30 but under 60 so I guess I have 25 more years to drive high performance cars while not paying much for insurance
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