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IS-F in SoCal?

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Hi everyone, new to this forum but have owned an IS350 for two years now. I'm looking to trade mine in for the IS-F....does anyone know of dealerships in Southern California that have one in stock?. I have seen other posts that most are spoken for, any help would be appreciated.
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Newport Lexus receive another 2 ISF next week: Matador Red and Smoky Granite both with Black interior.

If any interest, PM me I will put you in touch with their F specialist, he seems knowlegeable already and is going to Las Vegas speedway this week for the 3 day program.

I had owned my IS 350 for two years also. Traded it >

in on the "F" last month..... Best move I've ever made car wise !!!! Worth the effort to search out an IS "F" IMHO...

Heard only 20 cars came in, with more due in this month, February.... 60 % of the cars coming into the Western Region are earmarked for So Ca :)

So when's our first meet??????
Thanks Dean for the info. Can't wait to get back to socal and find one. I will let you know when I get mine, and we need to do a meet up at Coffee and Cars in Irvine-Ford headquarters parking lot Saturday's 7am. I live in Irvine and have been many times, it's a good turnout.
Saw a pic online of a Blue ISF at Car and Coffee last week end.

Looks stunning as you would expect ! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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