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IS-F in Grapevine Texas for test drive

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Park Place Lexus in Grapevine has a silver/black demo car. I don't think it's for sale since it has Georgia manufactures plates on it. I got to ride in it with the sales manager and I can describe it in one word: Phenomenal! I was admittedly concerned about this car as I’ve been following its progress, but today made it all clear; Lexus got it right! The engine sound inside the car will send chills down your spine. I was afraid it would be like a Cadillac CTS-V or some other crude muscle car, but it’s not. It sounds like a very expensive high performance luxury car. The transmission is just as remarkable. The up and down shifts are so fast and direct but not harsh. And the engine matches the rev points perfectly with sweet quick throttle blips. I was riding in the back seat and was surprised that even as firm as the suspension was it wasn’t harsh. The back seat was even very comfortable. It had the Mark Levinson sound system, but we never turned it on. Don’t need to the way that engine sounds.
Now that I have ridden in this car I will no longer criticize it. Styling is subjective so I won’t even go there, but it does look much better in person. All I can say is you’ve got to drive, or at least ride in one of these things.:)
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