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IS F in Canada

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Hey all,

Just received my 2010 Obsidian IS F in September and figured it was time to get into the endless forum and aftermarket tuning obsession. :D I'm still grinning before the car even starts! There is no doubt about making the right choice over BMW and others on the shopping list.

Anyone in the Toronto area?
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Congratulations and welcome to the forum.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
im a hour away form toronto
Downtown checking in!

Oh nice! So there are a few guys on here. Do you ever meet up?

I'm probably going to crash the Genesis meet tonight. :cool:
It was at a restaurant off the 427. We ended up missing it. Those Genesis are cheap and fun tuning platforms.

Has anyone tried a proper NA setup on the IS F? I saw a mag today talking about a "800 HP" IS F supposedly bored out to 5.8L. It looked more like a Lexus batmobile :rolleyes:
My ISF Typhoon Kit (SR) 69-8703TS 28.15 HP @ 5900 RPM which sounds incredibly savage is now for sale. I used it this summer it wont fit my 2011 paid 500 asking 350, anyone in the gta have interest
^^^^What changed on the '11 models? From the underhood picts I have seen it looks the same as earlier models except for the different color engine cover.

Does that intake remove the dual stage intake function?
Suspension has been changed.
yes first intake deleted second intake is on from 0 rpm forward, it really sounds incredible, at mosport on the front straight the guys could hear me coming from 2 turns away
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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