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IS-F Gear?

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Does anyone know when shirts, hats, golf sweater, etc will be available in the clothing line for the "F"?

Sure would like to get some...
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Not sure. The F-Sport accesory parts for the IS 350 and 250 will be launched April 15. Maybe they will also offer some clothing and aparel at that time.
Cool! There were some hats floating around after Vegas on Ebay but I didnt know if there was anything else?
They had hats, and some T shirts at the F champ. training. I'm shure they will have other treats to rep the F.
I heard they already have a watch out- have not seen yet
Seen the watch on Ebay, go check it out.

Nothing exciting sadly.
I was hoping for like a Golf type shirt to wear at work or something cool with other Lexus racing stuff on it?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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