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IS-F gas pedal info

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I was in for my 15k mile service yesterday and specifically asked my service adviser about the whole gas pedal fiasco going on right now. As many of you know we IS-F owners as well as the ISX50 owners were sent a letter telling us to remove our floor mats. After speaking to him, the floor mats are not the problem, it is actually the brake pedal. The ES gas pedal fix is already being implemented, and he told me that since the IS-F has an aluminum single peice brake pedal, it would take a little longer for the fix to come out. What they actually will be doing is create an extended gas pedal, which will get rid of the whole "floor mat causing the gas pedal to stick" issue. So just thought I'd give the community the heads up. When the fix is out, they will again be sending out letters to notify us. :cool:
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I refused it - "please initial here", "please initial there", and now it's on dealer's file as "customer declined". So I didn't get the free fill-up either!
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