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IS-F Exhaust

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Owners, after having the car of a couple of weeks what are your thoughts on the quad exhausts?
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No complaints. I like the setup. I know others may have their difference about the exhaust but I think overall it's not a bad setup...
meh dont even think about it anymore, once you begin to drive you become overwhelmed with everything else thats good
It's a non issue for me. There are to many positives,

like the exhaust sound :) , HP, shifting, braking, etc to think about the exhaust tips. Like they said in the move (using my worst Italian accent) "what's a behinda me no matter" :)
Do you mean the exhausts or the tips? I think that this is the first car that I have owned where I am not looking to replace the exhausts. It sounds perfect. The right amount of bass and no resonance. The tips are growing on me.
Ya mainly speaking of the tips and the look of the quad exhaust.
Love it! Wish it wouldn't wait until 3500 RPM to really kick in!

Just picked my silver/blk up last Thur. Having a blast with it. Coming from a 05 545i.
I get a lot of positive comments on the quad tips. Haven't heard one person in my area (L.A., CA) who hasn't liked them. Maybe they're being polite?

I think these tips are absolutely unique and extremely good looking as configured. Exhaust note, even at idle, still has me turning OFF the stereo to listen to the "music" of the IS-F.

Enjoy your rides! Keep that detector on!

The tips looks's one of a kind! or 4 of a kind?:)
I agree with you the exhaust stands out and I enjoy being different...
Brief un-interesting story ... my g-friend had a friend in from out of town last weekend. On a quick errand to pick up steak and booze at the grocery store down the hill, she waited for me to back out of the garage before getting in ... as she opened the passenger door, she exclaimed "Your car is growling at me!"

Exiting the neighborhood, I put it in Sport and switched to Manual ... I'm pretty sure she now understands my enthusiasm for the new ride, to put it mildly.

Simply, this thing sounds like Satan's coming to get ya. No complaints.
Tips look Great

Love the quad exhaust!! Was told by a Lexus F Champ that they are designed as "Exhaust Gas Diffusers" to cool the exhaust gas and thereby the air behind the car so at high speed the rear does not LIFT.

The IS-F drives other drivers crazy. Don't know if it's intimidation or jealousy but people sure try to get you to Race. With just 600 MILES on my Silver/Black F no less that 7 driver of "no competition cars" have tried to get me to hammer it and race them! When I get to 1000 Miles I just may have to give in occasionally! (Keep me out of trouble PLEASE Valentine One Radar Detector):D

I must admit that last Friday I did give into the temptation you mentioned. I actually was shocked at how the IS-F completely blew away a Mustang GT (maybe the driver was really lame??) and a Mercedes 4-door (no surprise) which looked like a C430 or ?? Mercedes was a complete joke, but the GT?? I was in Drive mode with Sport transmission on.

Wife thoroughly yelled at me for street racing when I got home, but you know what?? It was WORTH IT!!!

Feeling 16 again...thanks, IS-F!!!

Rushnut the rejuvenated
Owned it 1 1/2 months and not 1 ticket!! (yet)
I've had mine for a week now, and at first I thought it was the only thing that was ugly on the car. However, it is really growing on me. The actual exhaust note and the performance of this machine is perfect. This car deserves a unique exhaust look, which it has! I'm coming off a E46 M3, which is not even in the same league as this car. I love it!!
Go for it!! And the guys that keep asking about a MANUAL transmission haven't yet learned how to run the 8 speed!!
Love the quad exhaust!! Was told by a Lexus F Champ that they are designed as "Exhaust Gas Diffusers" to cool the exhaust gas and thereby the air behind the car so at high speed the rear does not LIFT.

Yes, you are so correct about the above information that you were told. It has been confirmed by Lexus that this is the very reason for the space between the stacked exhaust. There are a couple of other autos made with this same type of exhaust separation, however they are in rarified astronomical price ranges, above 1/2 million.
I like the look of the tips too. But can anyone tell me why they are not attached to the exhaust system? I've watched the test drive from Japan and it looks as if they are attached. I'm I seeing things?
Originally they were attached, but Lexus engineers discovered that they created lift above 130mph. At those speeds the car is "exhaling" a lot of exhaust gas, and that gas billowed behind the car making the rear end feel twitchy. The diffusers actually do very little to "cool" the exhaust, but actually smooth the exhaust to eliminate lift.

I think they look great as well.:cool:
I personally love the exhaust note. I don't mind the tips either, at first I thought about changing them somehow (no idea how) but now I've started to like them. I also have a lot of people complimenting me on them, It sets the car apart :)
Thanks for the info

Thanks SuperFreak for the info on the tips, Now it all makes sence. I'm loving driving this car and the tips wouldn't change that!!
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