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IS F Exhaust

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We had one of the head designer (not Yaguchi-san) speak at this 3 day classroom and track class. He said the after the proto type was up and running is when the exhaust liting the rearend was discovered.

I'm a salesman at Lexus of Tucson @ The Auto Mall and have been driving an IS350 for 2 years, AND THE F IS NO IS!!

It is every bit a Lexus when you want it to be, but a BEAST when you kick in the secondary intake. The sound is of that 5.0 L V8 is PERFECT.

If I sound a little bias, I'm not, the IS F is for real.

The LV Road course was great. I am by no means a "Pro Driver" as this was my 1st time on a track of any kind. I was able to get the car into 4th using manual mode, with sport mode on and VCS was still enabled

The Pro I was with on the "Hot Laps" was in 5th at 135-140mph,
VCS was still enabled.

You have to realize that Lexus is entering into a new market (high performance)with a LOT of competition, MB, BMW, Porsche, Audi etc.

They had 1 shot and 1 shot only to show that they can build a "True High Performance" vehicle and still keep the comfort and quality they are # 1 at. If the IS F failed the entire F line would be scoffed at. Soooo they did it right the 1st time.

We are fortunate to have a Black/Black and a Matador Red/Black inbound to my store in the next 1o day I can wait to just hear one again!!!
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what is exhaust liting? rear end discovered?
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