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IS F Down Under

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Hey all, firstly wanted to thank all you guys for the positive readings on making my IS F decision the right one!

Secondly, wanted to introduce myself as an Aussie IS F owner. Given the car was only released here in Nov 08 and only have access to limited numbers coming to the country (10 a month) I feel very very lucky!

I've been in the car for three months now and still can't wipe the smile off my face. Other than just being a great motor car that so far has exceeded all my expectations, it seems to be the little things that make me smile most, things like:

- spying the kids in their Evos and WRXs snapping photos with their camera phones
- the girlfriend of an M3 convertible owner parked beside me telling her man how much hotter the Lexus looks.
- Lexus' unsurpassed customer service
- Going to the local BMW dealer (checking out an X6) and coming back to the IS F to find half a dozen BMW service guys with their faces pressed to the windows.
- The be all end all marriage of performance, looks and luxury appointments.

Just don't ask us Aussies about the price (damn importation duties, sales tax and luxury car taxes).

Will post photos soon.
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Welcome to the site and I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your F!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Gday Mr. Blight! Congrats on your purchase. The more you drive the F the more you learn about the car. In my case i just can't help but admire the engineering that went into it. Very well engineered indeed.
Welcome Blighty. The duties can be a royal bitch I agree. Talked to one of my buddys in Germany where the car sells for 69000 Euros. Made me shit to hear that.
I had a friend just return from visiting his family in Australia. Said his brother was looking at the IS-F at the auto show. Something like 140K Australian. Insane!

What color by the way?

Welcome and congratulations! Can't wait to see the pics.
Welcome in mate! Glad to hear this forum is reaching out and making a difference in decisions around the world! Looking forward to hearing more about your encounters there with such a limited availability!

Welcome and congrats on your IS-F !

I have a great mate who lives up on the Gold Coast if you ever get up that way. He loves fast cars, fast boats, watches and fast women, not in that order all the time! LOL....

Post a pic if you get a chance. Can you wash your cars or is the water rationing thing still on?????
That is awesome. Congrats and welcome!

BTW, the IS F project manager @ Lexus HQ for 2 years here in the US was an Aussie! He has recently returned back to Melbourne.
Welcome to the site and congrats on your new F! :cool:
Thanks for the warm welcome to all!

To answer some of the questions/comments in the thread in no particular order:

- Yep, $140K is the on road price, but consider Lexus pricing strategy in Oz is to keep the car significantly cheaper than the BMW and Merc offerings. Unfortunately, a fact of life here is that European premium and to a lesser extent North American cars come here at absolute top dollar....check out some of the local new car sites and it will make you cry (the relaunched V8 Mustang was north of $100K here 6 years ago).
- Dean...your Gold Coast mate sounds exactly like the proto-typical Surfers resident. Water restrictions are still in place in Melbourne, I actually haven't hand washed a car for 5 years, lucky Lexus offer the wash for life for free program!
- Flipside...I met a guy late last year that sounds like your mate although I think he is now the IS F Product Specialist.
- is blue, black interior...almost went the white interior until I saw the dealer principle's car that where the driver's seat was turning blue from his new jeans.

Travelling in Sydney at the moment so will post pictures soon. Happy Easter all!
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- Flipside...I met a guy late last year that sounds like your mate although I think he is now the IS F Product Specialist.
Yeah that's not him then. He spent 2 years here in the USA for the launch of the IS F since Jan 2007. He's since returned down under as of this past December.
Some quick photos taken with iPhone, apologies for poor quality....

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