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IS-F Brake Squeak

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I recently bought an 08 IS-F with 16k miles on it. However, I've had a terrible time with the brakes! The dealer tells me there's a TSB on the shim kits and brake pads but they've been replaced in the 2 weeks that I've owned it! The car goes back to the shop tomorrow for another assessment... Is this going to be a constant problem for me or is the Lexus dealership a bunch of idiots?!?
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It just squeaks all the time, when the cars cold, warm, going fast, going slow.. all the time.
I had a G35 before this car and had no problems with my brakes, and they were high performance too.
I feel like I have a lemon.
Thanks for all the input guys :)
Whenever I take my car to the dealer they look at me like I'm crazy.

I also sit in traffic for 50% of the time I'm in the car and it's embarrassing when your windows are down and so are everyone elses and theres a horrid squeal. No one wants that or enjoys it.

I'm going to take the car into the dealer this weekend since I don't want to waste this beautiful day on the dealership.

I'll try to bed in the brakes but maybe mine didnt squeal in my G35 because it was a 6spd and I barely used the brakes...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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