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IS F Batmobile

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Nope, not that new Lexus concept. I took a nice drive yesterday - 800Km's round trip - and thought I came pretty close to hitting a bird. When I got out for refueling I noticed this.

Na na na na na na batman! Time for a serious wash today.
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Wow!! I'm surprised it didn't do more damage to your grill! Looks like you need a nice wash! :D
I screamed like a little girl when I saw that picture....I hate bats! eeewwwwweeeee lol!
Like BigMike said, looks like it didn't do any damage to the grill, that would suck. A week and a half with mine and I'm kinda hoping to get my first scratch to get it out of my system! I thought I saw one today, ran up and rubbed it out, close call.
An 800km road trip around British Columbia must have been amazing, I imagine you enjoyed every click. And thanks for hitting that bat, one less!lol
I was lucky - no damage. I was probably lucky that it hit the symbol.

The roads do make an emergency work trip very worth while. Since getting the F I probably "commute" more than is required!
It's a good thing I bought the Wheel and Tire protection with Bats included :)
dang, what do you have for a garage? a cave?! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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