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IS C vs SC

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The IS 350C 0-60 is 5.8 seconds. The SC 0-60 is 5.8 seconds. Both stats are per the Lexus website. However, the price difference is significant. Considering the cars are pretty much the same size, the IS C perhaps even bigger, why would anyone choose the SC? Especially as you can get the ML audio and other similar options in the IS C.

Is Lexus planning on revamping the SC's body? Are they going to replace it with the LF-A or will this be a different class offering than the SC? I for one have always found the SC unappealing from a visual perspective, and considering it has kept the same body for 9 or 10 years, isn't it time for a change?
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Is it really getting revamped? It needs it bad.
I had thought the SC was going away. If it does get revamped, each generation is nothing like the previous generation.

In my opinion the SC's ugly. I hope Lexus upgrades radically.
Praying for a SC F!

5.0 IS F engine with the looks of a LFA. Am I dreaming?
An SC F would be pretty cool. The current SC is a dinosaur.
the SC is a completely different car from IS-C.
SC is quiet( quieter than a GS) , luxurious and comfortable while the IS-C is more sporty even though both have similar 0-60 time. SC has much more upscale interior with better material and assembly quality in general. ISF interior looks cheap compared to SC. every now and then, i actually enjoy driving my wife's SC if i want a comfortable leisurely ride.

i do agree it's unattractive, way outdated and a bit sluggish in terms of handling. if lexus comes out with a replacement, i would look into it seriously though.
Praying for a SC F!

5.0 IS F engine with the looks of a LFA. Am I dreaming?
Well,if you are you're not alone.That's exactly what I'm hoping for.
I'd love to see the next SC lean more towards sporty,a japanese Aston Martin in a sense.
Looks like a convertible Solara to me - not appealing at all.
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