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Hello All,
Just found this Forum the Other Day, while looking for some Info in Regards to the Rear Subwoofer for '08 IS-F...Must say that it is Cool to have a A Separate Forum (Exclusively) for Lexus IS-F/LFA, and I must say That It Has Been Nothing but Awesome Owning this As my First Lexus Ever, from Owning a '95 Acura Integra GS-R 4Dr...Always liked the 4Door Sedan/Sport Type Cars, but After having my Integra Stolen from the parking Garage at my old place of work (Planet Hollywood), Despite Being Parked Right Where there is Alot of Traffic Going Up and Down the Ramps..I Was Pretty Sour, and At the End of That year (2010) I Seeked Out A Pretty-Slick '08 Neiman-Marcus (#43) Obsidian Black Lexus IS-F, which I Will Just Assume Will be Harder to Steal than The Old Acura Integra, which you can Steal with a Flat-Blade Screwdriver;And These Thieves Will Not Be Able to Take THis Motor Out, and Stick it In a Honda Civic Overnite!:eek:
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hello T3MP2. Welcome to the forum. I am myself a recent addition to the forum and am from North Carolina.
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