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It took me a while, but I finally installed both map and dome LEDs to replace the yellow incandescent bulbs in the interior of my 2010. I could provide a picture guide, but 90% of the project is common sense.

What's confusing is when you remove the map light covers, you see the two bulbs nestled in this black casing with the letter/number "5W" above it. You don't know whether to try to pull out the casing, the bulb, or just take the whole housing unit off. Unfortunately, I tried pulling out the casing and taking the entire housing unit off first, since my fingers are big and couldn't get into the tiny housing area much less get a solid grip on the very tightly attached bulbs.

DO NOT try and remove the housing. There are two hidden screws in the back that are easily accessible, but there are inaccessible front ones as well. You might break the whole plastic housing.

DO NOT try and take the casing out either. It's easy to twist it loose, but difficult to snap back into place.

This is what you should do: get a piece of high strength tape (Gorilla Tape, etc) and wrap it around the bulb leaving a little piece on the bottom to pull. Be careful, you have to wait until the bulbs have cooled down before attaching the tape otherwise it will leave residue and make it hard to reattach later. Once it's attached firmly, simply pull and the bulbs should come out. You can also do this with a rubber twist off bottle opener.

As I said, the rest is common sense. Hope this helps. I tried searching this forum and I didn't find anything specific on this task, so I thought I'd change that.

i have search on led lights related threads in this forum an i think your ideas based on experienced is a best share for me. thanks posting it.
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