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hey guys I have a ? For ya I have a old intake from fujiti for a lexus is250 that I had but I cut in just the rite spot and it fit great on the F and when I drove it it sounded awsome too great low end but I had no top end at all do you think I would have to get it tuned and if so would it be a air and fuel tune please tell me and info and also took out the 2nd cats left the resanator on Thanks guys
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Any pictures of the intake? Did you leave the box and just change the tube or did you remove the box as well making it a single stage intake?

Do not quote me on this whatsoever but I do believe that since the car was made with a dual stage intake, when you switch to a single stage, your going to have to change the A/F ratio. I don't know if you've looked into the SRT intake but I'm guessing its along the same lines as to what you did. Might want to check it out and post some more info about what you did exactly before changing the ECU
I agree, I don't think the issue with the IS-F is the air flow on the intake side. Just look under the hood and the intake set up with the mouth located all the way forward with a big's located pretty much in the best possbile position. I think a race cat/delete complete exhaust set up and re-tune that flattens out the tweaky 2UR-GSE's torque curve will yield the biggest performance numbers.
yea i made it just a one stage but i have pics i dont no how to put them on sorry but it looks like the srt one but my cats are gone and i left the plug unpluged on the stock one and sounds and pefourmes great
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